Transport GAPIŃSKI is a company with traditions. We have been operating on the transport services market since 1980. We started with a small, one-man company, which in time has evolved into a thriving brand. International transport has been our speciality since 1992.

Since that year there has been a dynamic development of the company, both in the scope of services offered and expansion of modern fleet of vehicles.

Cooperation and Development

Years of company activity have resulted in establishing cooperation with many business partners, including logistics operators. To meet high quality requirements of international concerns, the main activities of our company have been and continually are directed at the development and modernization of the fleet. A constant intensive development of Transport GAPIŃSKI is continuing today, and one of the key events was the transformation, at the beginning of 2018, into Transport GAPIŃSKI Spółka z o.o. Spółka komandytowa [Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership].

Service Quality and Cargo Security

We set for ourselves high quality requirements when handling each order. We take care not only of the customer but we also make sure that correct conduct procedures are employed as well as proper rules for selecting subcontractors are used. To ensure that transported load is safe all vehicles in our fleet are equipped with a GPS satellite navigation system, and goods are covered by the OCP policy in the amount of EUR 350,000.


At present, Transport GAPIŃSKI is a very dynamically developing company and this is the goal we have set for the following years, too. We want to focus on meeting the expectations of our business partners and acquiring new ones. Every year we make new investments aimed at offering our clients high quality services. A continuous expansion of the fleet and striving for the highest quality of transport orders is also our priority.